ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

Question 1.
Write a composition (300 – 350 words) on any one of the following :
(a) Write an original short story titled “The Door of Dreams”.
(b) Describe what you might see or hear in your town early in the morning.
(c) Your class went on a visit to a steel factory for an educational visit. Write a narrative essay about the visit.
(d) Too much money is a bad thing.’ Write an essay arguing for or against the topic.
(e) Study the picture given below. Write a short story or a description or an account of what it suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or you may
take suggestions from it; however, there must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.
ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers
The Door of Dreams

(a) Days were sultry, leaves dry with dust covering them and roads emanating heat beyond the bearing capacity. Sitting in my hostel room with nothing much to do, I was getting uncomfortable and began to leaf through a book that might take my thoughts off the heat. Hardly had it been ten minutes, when I dozed off. I was soon amongst the clouds. It was a refreshing and an admirable spectacle. I got excited and began jumping over the clouds.

As I jumped, I plunged and landed on the cloud that was pouring down rain. It was like going down a waterfall. I leapt to another cloud and soon found myself on top of a mountain. The trees stood tall, towering with pride, echoing with faint animal callings and bird chirpings. It was fully alive. I went around walking and there were plenty of fruit trees. I ate berry-like fruits from some of the trees which were delicious. There was a river beside the forest.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

I jumped into the river and stayed there as long as I could. I felt so refreshed and the water there was like an elixir. I had never felt like that before. The whole experience was unbelievable and I kept wandering around. I found a banyan tree. Grabbing its roots I swung around, dropping into the water again. As I kept exploring the forest, when suddenly I tripped and fell into a hidden pit and when I looked up I was in my room.

I felt very flustered as I was soaked in sweat more than what I was in the river water, I was dreaming of. However, as an answer to my prayers, it began to rain. This was a pleasant relief as this time I took off to the terrace and got drenched in the rain, feeling considerably better.

My Town in the Early Hours of the Day

(b) It is time to get ready for school. I hear sleepy groans and see half-closed eyes heading towards the bathroom. There is the inevitable waiting to use the bathroom. Outside, the roosters welcome the dawn even though it is still dark.

We wash ourselves and have our breakfast. Nobody talks while eating on the table. Each person seems preoccupied with his or her own thoughts. Occasionally my mother comes around to make sure we are eating properly. She feels that one cannot pay attention in class when one’s stomach is empty and there is truth in what she believes.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

After we finish our breakfast, it is already bright outside. On some days, the rising sun resembles a huge red salted egg. It is quite a sight to behold. Rising among the dark silhouetted buildings and coconut trees, the sun look as though it is consuming the buildings and trees with its blazing red fire. But as quickly as it appears to do so, its redness gives way to a hot brightness that the eyes cannot bear to look directly at. The day has begun and I head towards my bicycle with my schoolbag hanging from my shoulders.

On the way to school, I see hundreds of school children on their way to school too. Some are on bicycles like I am, some are walking and some are in cars and buses. Everywhere I look, I see glimpses of bright blue skirts. It is pleasant to see a sea of blue moving toward school amidst an increasing chatter of voices and laughter.

Other road users make up the general atmosphere of the morning traffic. Sometimes I might see an aggressive mini-bus driver weaving in and out of traffic with total disregard for the safety of others. Shouting curses and obscene gestures do not do any good to anybody. Only a policeman can put a stop to the driver’s irresponsible behaviour.

Besides school-going children, other early risers are on their way to work. I sometimes meet labourers, office workers, road sweepers, newspaper delivery boys and other workers. There is also an occasional jogger dressed up in the most up-to-date running gear puffing and panting his way past the others.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

In the school compound, masses of children are gathered waiting for the bell to ring. After I park my bicycle, I join some of my friends in our usual morning-before-lessons gossip. Once in a while I might catch snatches of conversation from other groups of gossiping school children. I hear words but they make no sense. We all talk aimlessly, just to fill in the time. There is a huge monotonous hum created collectively by those present. Suddenly, the bell rings. The hum changes key. The sound shuffling feet increases in pitch. We head towards our classroom. The daily grind begins.

Class Visit to a Steel Factory

(c) It was a bright and sunny day and there was excitement in the air as Grades 9 and 10 students were taken to the Steel Plant in Vishakhapatnarrt as part of their educational visit to factories. The place bustled with teachers and students. It was a superb learning experience. The initial picture of the plant was imposing.
We were checked in individually for security reasons and we all had to a wear a protective helmet to keep us safe. Wearing the bright yellow helmet made us feel important.

We had an officer as our guide. We went from station to station to understand the process of making steel. Initially, we saw the iron making process where the ore was converted into liquid iron. The place was hot and sultry, and we saw the workers working very close to the furnaces and it was unbelievable to see the heat in which they worked in. The area was cordoned off for the visitors. The molten amber metal looked amazing.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

We also witnessed the process where pig iron was converted into liquid steel. The liquid steel was cast into large blocks and then with aluminium to remove impurities. Then we saw where these hot blocks were cooled off to solidify.

We then went to the place where they were being packed and it was wonderful to see the long process undertaken so that the common man can avail the benefits of steel. Today, steel industries are in the process to make many steps mechanised so that it becomes a little easier for those working in the plant.

We learnt that there is so much hard work put in the making of steel and that we needed to realise that nothing comes easy. We pick up steel vessels from the stores or order online for steel vessels without giving much thought to the miners and workers in the factories. We left with thankful hearts and were content that we learnt a lot from our visit to the steel factory.

Too Much Money is a Bad Thing

(d) (i) For the Motion .
Too much money is not a bad thing. It is the ticket to do many good things. Money is the source of our livelihood and it will be a good thing if one has more. He or she then has ‘ the freedom to use it in endless ways. With money so much can be accomplished in this

world today. Money is required to sponsor various welfare programmes all over. All welfare projects require large resources and that is possible with money. For example, many rich people sponsor a lot of programmes that help many suffering nations with their struggles.

Money can aid in bringing relief to people at times of calamity, distress and civil disputes in many countries. Even at an individual level money brings freedom and one is not obliged to another for things that matter in one’s life. When there is money you are free to do what you wish and need not depend upon others for what you want to do. This is because we often see the poor being exploited so much because they do not have money.

Money raises the standard of living of people and when people stop struggling just for survival, they are able to help others in need. In such a case money is not a bad at all. If society keeps improving, there would be lesser crimes such as robbing or killing just for money’s sake.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

Money spent in the right manner can alleviate poverty and all the quotes that we hear of all being equal is probable when money is channelised. Today too much money is not the problem but its proper utilisation is. So if money is used to bring up the downtrodden and under developed nations from a fix, it can be said that too much money is not a bad thing.

Question 2.
Select any one of the following :
(a) Write a letter to your friend telling him/her that you forgot something at his/her place and request to keep it safe and send it to you.
(b) You want to join an extension programme conducted in the local college for school students. Write a letter to the Principal of the college showing interest and make inquiries.

21, Mantri Apartments,
Hennur Bagalur Road,
15th May 20xx

Dear Leena,

Hope you are fine and you classes are going well. I hope everyone at home is doing well too. The reason I am writing to your is that I have forgotten something at your house when I left after spending the week with you. I left some of my project files which I need to submit at school. It is my science project that I wrote while I was there. I think I might have left it in the far left cupboard in your room. Can you please send it to me? Thank you for all your effort and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Your loving friend,

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers


12th Cross, OMBR Layout,
18th February 20xx

The Principal,
Asian Academy of Arts tarid Sciences,
Subject: Enquiries, Regarding the joining of the extension programme
Respected Madam,
I would like to join the extension programme conducted at your college. I want to take up a course that will be a valuable addition to my education.
I would like to know the courses available and the related details. I request you to kindly provide them to me as soon as possible and I would also like to know the fee structure and the number of students that are admitted in the summer courses.
I am very interested in joining one of the courses.

Yours sincerely,
Keerthi Anand

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

Question 3.
(a) Write a notice announcing a lecture on reptiles by Romulus Whitaker, the famous wildlife conservationist.
(b) Write an email to Romulus Whitaker inviting him to your school to give a lecture on reptiles.
Lecture on Reptiles by Romulus Whitaker
Date : Sunday, 21 October, 20 xx Time : 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue : The Anderson Hall of St. Hilda’s School
All students are welcome. For booking seats, you may contact the Secretary – Student Council, Gloria Samuel on or before 20 October, 20xx

(b) To : romuluswhitaker@crocodilepark.com
Subject: Invitation to give, lecture on reptiles
Dear Sir,
I am Gloria Samuel, writing on behalf of the Student Council of St. Hilda’s School. I would like to invite you to our school to give our students a lecture on reptiles. We will be greatly benefited by your knowledge and understanding about reptiles.
We request you to give us a date when the lecture can be made possible.
We will be very glad to have you with us.
Looking forward to your reply.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Gloria Samuel
Secretary, Student Council

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

Question 4.
Read the following passage carefully and answer the question that follow :
It was my second year at boarding school and I was sitting on platform no. 8 at the Ambala station, waiting for my train. Though I was about twelve at that time, my parents considered me old enough to travel alone. I had arrived by bus at Ambala early in the evening and I had to wait till midnight before my train arrived. Most of the time I had been pacing up and down the platform, browsing at the book-stall, or feeding broken biscuits to stray dogs.

Trains came and went, the platform would be quiet for a while and then, when a train arrived, it would be an inferno of heaving, shouting and agitated human bodies. As the carriage doors opened, a tide of people would sweep down upon the nervous little ticket collector at the gate and 10 every time this happened I would be caught in the rush and swept outside the station. Being tired of that game of ambling about the platform, I sat down on my suitcase and gazed dismally across the railway tracks. Trolleys rolled past me and I was conscious of the cries of the various vendors, the ‘ sweet-meat seller, the newspaper boy etc., but I had lost interest in all that went on along the busy platform and continued to stare across the railway tracks, feeling bored and a little lonely. “Are you all alone, my son?’ asked a soft voice close behind me. I looked up and saw a woman standing near me.

She was leaning over, and I saw a pale face and dark eyes. She wore no jewels and was dressed very simply in a white sari. 20
‘Yes, I am going to school/ I said, and stood up respectfully. She seemed poor, but there was a dignity about her that commanded respect. ‘I have been watching you for some time/ she said. ‘Didn’t your parents come to see you off?’
‘I don’t live here/ I said. ‘I had to change trains. Anyway, I can travel alone.’
‘I am sure you can/ she said and I liked her for saying that, and I also liked her for the simplicity of her dress and for her deep, soft voice and the serenity of her face.
‘Tell me, what is your name?’ she asked.
‘Arun/ I said.
‘And how long do you have to wait for your train?’ 30
‘About an hour, I think. It comes at twelve o’clock.’
‘Then come with me and have something to eat.’
I was going to refuse, out of shyness and suspicion, but she took me by my hand, and then I felt it would be silly to pull my hand away.

(a) Give the meaning of each of the following words as used in the passage.
One world answers or short phrases will be acepted.
(i) ambling (line 12)
(ii) dignity (line 22)
(iii) serenity (line 26)
(i) wandering
(ii) nobility
(iii) calmness

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

(b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words
(i) What was Arun doing at the Ambala Railway Station?
(ii) What was Arun doing in the railway station to pass time?
(iii) What were the Arun’s impressions of the lady ?
(iv) In what manner did Arun show respect to the lady?
(v) List out some of the adjectives used to describe the lady?
(i) Arun had arrived to the station by bus and was waiting for the midnight train to go northward.
(ii) Arun paced around the station, stared at the bookstall, fed broken biscuits to the dogs and watched the trains come and go.
(iii) Arun’s first impressions of the lady were that she had a pale face and dark eyes. She was dressed simply in a white sari and wore no jewels.
(iv) Though the lady seemed poor, she commanded respect and Arun stood respectfully and answered her.
(v) The adjectives used to describe the lady include ‘die dignity and serenity on her face’, ‘her soft voice’, ‘dark eyes’ and ‘simplicity of her dress’.

(c) In not more than 50 words, describe the scene at the station.
The railway station would be quiet for a while and when a train arrived, the place would noisy and chaotic. The nervous ticket inspector was swept down by the crowd and the vendors were heard selling their goods. Every time the crowd swept out Arun, he ambled back to the station after the train left.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

Question 5.
(a) Fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
Example :
(0) was reading
Yesterday, I (0) …………….. (read) a corpus about the British explorer James Cook. He (1) …………….. (born) in the village of Marton, Yorkshire, on 27 October 1728. His family soon (2) …………….. (move) to another village, called Great Ayton, where Cook (3)…………….. (spend) most of his childhood. As a teenager James Cook (4) …………….. (develop) a fascination for the sea and (5)……………….. (travel) to Whitby where he (6)……………….. (find) employment on a coal ship. While he (7) …………….. (serve) in the Royal Navy during the Seven Year’s War (1756-1763), Cook (8)…………….. (have) the command of a ship.
(1) was bom
(2) moved
(3) spent
(4) developed
(5) travelled
(6) found
(7) served
(8) had

(b) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word.
(i) We accept your kind invitation ……………. pleasure.
(ii) I should like to read that book …………….. Ernest Hemingway.
(iii) These oranges are sold …………….. the dozen.
(iv) The door …………….. the house is painted red.
(v) While waiting for my train, I took a walk …………….. the station.
(vi) The door was locked, so I shoved the letter …………….. the door.
(vii) He sat the camp fire……………..
(viii) Over one-third …………….. the oranges, are spoiled.
(i) with
(ii) by
(iii) by
(iv) of
(v) around
(vi) under
(vii) near
(viii) of

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

(c) Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so.
(i) The judge gave his decision. The court listened carefully.
(ii) He wants to earn his livelihood. He works hard for that reason.
(iii) Einstein was a great scientist. He made many inventions.
(iv) I saw few trees. The trees were laden with fruits.
(i) The court listened carefully as the judge gave his decision.
(ii) He works hard to earn his livelihood.
(iii) Einstein was a great scientist who made many inventions.
(iv) I saw a few trees which were laden with fruits.

(d) Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence,
(i) Swama asked me a question. I was unable to answer it.
(Begin with: I was )

(ii) You helped Tania. She will always be grateful.
(Begin with: Tania will )

(iii) I heard you won a prize. I am extremely delighted.
(Begin with: I am extremely…)

(iv) There was heavy traffic. We reached the stadium on time.
(Begin with: Though )

(v) Their trip lasted three days.
(Begin with: They )

(vi) She had to do the washing up but she didn’t.
(Begin with: She forgot )

(vii) English is easy to learn.
(Begin with: It )

ICSE Class 9 English Language Sample Question Paper 3 with Answers

(viii) Don’t leave the lights on all night, you will waste electricity.
(Begin with: If )
(i) I was unable to answer Swama’s question.
(ii) Tania will always be grateful for your help.
(iii) I am extremely delighted to hear that you won a prize.
(iv) Though there was heavy traffic, yet we reached the stadium on time.
(v) They had a three-day trip.
(vi) She forgot that she had washing to do.
(vii) It is easy to learn English.
(viii) If you leave the lights on all night, you will waste electricity.

ICSE Class 9 English Language Question Papers with Answers

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